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Off season

Off season

Just like for anyone else who is self-employed there is not much time a professional golfer can take
off from the sport. Therefore, off season is consists of a few weeks of vacation for Christmas with
the family, but then it is back to practice and preparing for the upcoming season. This also involves
working on swing improvements with my swing coach Markus and looking for or meeting up with

I also spend a decent amount of time on my equipment. It is important to stay up to date with the
clubs in my bag. In addition to having them regripped on a regular basis, I am always trying to see
if there is a better driver, iron, wedge, putter, or fairway wood, which can give me more accuracy
and distance. Professional fittings are very important to make sure the shaft and club fit my swing.
Because I am driving to most of the tournaments on the Symetra Tour I also have to take care of
my car since I drive a lot of kilometers in a year.

As soon as the schedule for the new season comes out I am starting to make a draft of which
Symetra tournaments I am going to play and where I can add a Monday qualifier for the LPGA and
the US Women’s Open. In total I am playing an average of 20 tournaments a year.

Staying busy with all these tasks makes the off season fly by and the Symetra season 2017 is
starting soon.


Gabriella Wahl
Symetra Tour Player

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